First complex surgery performed in Rukum

Rukum West, September 29: A complex surgery was performed at Salle District Hospital, Rukum West, for the first time.

Manmala Gharti, 41, a Lukum resident, Bhume Rural Municipality-1 of the Rukum East district, had a serious pregnancy-related complication after his uterus could not contain the fetus. The fetus expelled inside the stomach. However, his life was saved after two complex operations performed at the district hospital.

Manmala, who had already given birth to six children, when he was approaching his birth this time, began to experience excessive bleeding and arrived at the Kankri Health Post, located in Bhume Rural Municipality-2, on Tuesday. After it was discovered that her case was serious, she was taken immediately, after midnight, at 2 a.m. to the District Hospital in Salle in Rukum West.

At the Hospital, the medical examination revealed the need for an urgent operation, and during the operation it was discovered that her uterus had already ruptured and that the baby was gone and died, said Dr. Anupmangal Samal, of the District Hospital, a medical MDGP who had come from the Karnali Academy of Health Sciences (KAHS). Since this was her seventh pregnancy, the uterus was very weak and, therefore, the baby had left prematurely, he said. “Even when we took the baby out and began to suture the uterus, it began to break even more,” he said. “In the first 3-hour operation, we somehow managed to stop the bleeding after sewing the uterus,” added Dr. Samal. This news is published today in The Rising Nepal Daily.

After this, after it was still felt that the infection in the uterus could spread and add complexity, another KAHS MDA doctor, Dr. Niraj Thapa, who was in the area for service expansion, was also called and together. The team carried out the second Gharti operation and the removal of the uterus on Thursday, according to Dr. Mahesh Chaulagain, chief of district hospitals. The team of doctors managed to perform such complex operations for the first time in the district, said Dr. Chaulagain. It is said that Manmala’s condition is slowly becoming normal and is now out of danger.

In recent times, after the support of the Ministry of Social Development of the Karnali State Government and KAHS to provide specialist doctors and necessary equipment to the District Hospitals, they managed to provide this type of service, said Dr. Samal. After the doctor’s team was able to save Manmala’s life with two operations, he was rated the first of its kind and exemplary work in the entire district, he said.

Manmala’s husband, Dhansur Gharti, expressed his happiness because his wife’s life was saved in the Hospital, where he finally arrived despite a very poor economic situation. “We didn’t know about the prenatal checkup, so this led to the problem,” he said. “Even the village health post was far away, so we couldn’t make checks.” He added that even the previous two babies had died after birth.

It is said that his life was at high risk, since Gharti’s poor family could not afford treatment outside the district; but also, since she was already in serious condition, there was also the danger of losing her along the way. “These problems still exist in our rural homes, due to lack of awareness in the villages, where many babies are born in this way, with the life and health of mothers and babies always at risk.”

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