Belly Fat Will Be Reduced In 15-20 Days By Eating These Five Things

moong dal

Losing belly fat in winter is no less than a big challenge. To reduce belly fat, you should also take care of diet along with exercise. There are some things that reduce belly fat by eating them. Come, know what those things are.

moong dal

Moong dal is very beneficial for reducing belly fat. If you eat moong dal in breakfast, then it is also very good for your digestion. Take a diet rich in protein. Moong dal is considered one of the best sources of protein. There are 24 grams of protein in 100 grams of moong dal.

green tea

Green tea is considered the best for health. Drinking it reduces obesity. Especially if you use green tea instead of sugary tea or coffee, then your belly fat is also reduced. Apart from this, consumption of green tea also prevents cancer.


Vitamins and many beneficial phytochemicals are found in spinach. People suffering from iron deficiency in the body must eat spinach, while consuming spinach helps you in reducing your weight, so consuming it for 15 days in a month is beneficial for you.


Orange is also considered very good for your skin. Also, with this you can easily reduce belly fat. If you do not like to eat orange, then you can also drink orange juice on an empty stomach.


Flaxseed is rich in vitamin E and omega 3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid. You can eat it by making flaxseed ladoos. Belly fat is greatly reduced by eating flaxseed powder with lukewarm water in the morning and evening.

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